To give our folk a change we invited David Mcguire (GSP) from Scotland as a guest trainer which went down really well with all you peeps, lots of complimentary comments from the day and plenty of useful tips for you.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everybody today for a fantastic day .

Well what can I say !!!!  YET ANOTHER FANTASTIC DAY

Just spent another fantastic day in the company of Mark and co a great day had by all as always. Thank you so much for putting these days on for us. Looking forward to the next one

Sorry no photos taken as to busy enjoying myself, thank you Mark and the team, wonderful first days training with Achouffe and loved every minute and guessing by the state of my lovely Spinone he had a lovely day too, can’t wait for next one. Hope your knee ok Mark !! Big sorry from the big man!!

Thank you so much, Bodie and I had the most wonderful day thanks to all involved with Achouffe Gundogs but a special thanks to Mark for all his help and encouragement today, I was one very happy and proud owner, and just maybe will enter some novice field trials now.

Achouffe are so proud of their pupils .. this is Pete Brooks and Ruby Graded Good at Cattons’ Spring Pointing Test 2015

Thank you so much Julie and Mark for organising a fun water training day. Really enjoyed it. Please thank Carl for putting on some challenging retrieves for Cash, and for his help to getting us to achieve. Looking forward to more days like this smile.

One of the best days ever training with Achouffe Gundogs who truly surpassed themselves with the ground today. The water was just superb and plenty of ground available for retrieves on land too. Worked on Jagers delivery to hand from water – all I can say is as long as I have a bush to hide behind all is good – and took Moka along for socialising. She took it all in her stride and had a great time, thank you so much Carl Issitt, Julie George-Ainscough, Mark Hodgkinson and Steve Walton for giving up your time and Julie King as always for fab cake!

Fabulous day at the Achouffe Charity Retrieving Challenge, great company etc, etc. Jager did well in three of the tests and not so well in the other 2. 6th overall in Novice. Well done to team Achouffe Gundogs for organising this super event.

You all made me very welcome, the cake was as superb as I was told it was. The dogs and I had a fantastic day, I am now sitting with an ice pack on my knee with two knackered but happy dogs. I look forward very much to the next day out with you all xx

I can’t believe I didn’t know about you all, you’ve been keeping this group a secret from me. You are just what I need, an HPR group not far from home.

Another great day with Achouffe Gundogs, thrilled with Jagers performance and she won a 15kg bag of dog food courtesy of Chapel Farm. Spoilt on the cake front as well with supplies from Julie King and Melissa Finch Silberliss Weimaraners, yum!

Well, that was an experience Achouffe Gundogs!!! Wind, rain, hail, thunder etc, etc . I was soaked through to the skin but had a great time anyway. Lovely cake, Julie King and good company as always. Thanks guys but can you remember to put the correct weather order in next time please! Oh and Pomme had a fab time Carl Issitt

Thank you Achouffe Gundogs for a great day of training. I now know that Teagle can hunt and listen to me at the same time. Lovely also to meet Freddie and Julie King. Legs are aching and I think I may have got a bit sun burnt! Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks Julie, Mark and Carl for a great days training, nice to meet new HPR people and fellow Weimaraner fanatics.

Just wanted to say thank you! This is Dill at the Large Munsterlander Nat Apt yesterday. He was one of only five to pass the test. Thankfully due to the day Paul made it to you guys and the advice we were given on hunting he did amazingly! Just needs to learn to point properly but that wasn’t too bad, shall email you tomorrow about the next training day to see if there is space for them to come along x

Just a quick note to thank you and your ‘team’ for a brilliant day.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I think Myrtle did too!  Looking forward to the next day.
Kind regards

Thank you for a great day Training and for the wonderful food, something I did not expect.

I was so pleased with Rosie she excelled herself and both of us got a lot of confidence during the day.

Thank you again

Ann and Rosie

Thank you so much for Sunday. The food, training and the tips but most of all your kind hospitality.

See you next time.

Irene, Alex and Bodie

We are thrilled with Ida and totally besotted, thank you so much for letting us have her!!

Sue, Richard and Dab

Julie, a big thank you from Eva and Ash for showing them off so well at Crufts and from us for you and Mark’s wonderful hospitality.

Les and Margaret

Thank you so much for allowing me to come along with you today and enjoy the time spent with your Slovakian Rough Haird Pointers. I really do appreciate you letting me do this, many thanks.

Emma Bailey

Maisy has proved to be a fantastic addition to our family.  She has such a good nature – you may remember that we have two young children – currently 3 and 4.  They are lively as are most kids, and Maisy is extremely patient with them, she has a really good character and loves playing with other dogs and is always friendly with other people.  Like her mum I believe, she likes a swim, and has loads of energy and loves walking.

She loves nothing more than cosying up in front of a fire in the evening, and is currently sitting on my lap fast-asleep as I type this.  Thank you for providing us such a fantastic dog, she has proved to be the best dog we could have hoped for.

As you will know, she’s just turned two, and had a good birthday – cake and everything (not that she had any!).  She seems to be a very healthy dog, only vet visit apart from the normal injections etc was when she got stung on her eye.

The Woolmers

Thank you for our lovely little B….. as Ben is known to call her! We love her loads…

Di & Ben

It was lovely to meet you last week. We really enjoyed our time at your home, especially witnessing such wonderful temperament and characters in all of your dogs!

If Darcy ends up having even half the personality and temperament that Lexi has we’d be proud :)
We were so impressed with the puppies…They are just adorable and unbelievably good looking!

Natasha & Jon

Thank to you both for some lovely days training, and the bacon baps, and the barbie!

A little something a bottle of wine for you both to say thanks.

Carol and Peter

To anyone who looks at this web page and wonders should I get a dog? Trust me; contact these folks for an honest recommendation on what their breeds can bring to your life!  Julie and Mark have vast knowledge and expertise in both gundogs and border terriers. You will be amazed at what you can learn and understand by meeting them and their brilliant doggie team! I am an ocean away and proudly own one of their superb border terriers; but I feel as close and supported by their expertise as if they were in my own backyard. They are bred for quality and integrity.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of their dogs will share an experience of their life! My border terrier from the “fens” is the best companion and genuine dog that I will ever have in my life.  It does not matter how many championships she has won – she is an example of great breeding and the Achouffe team’s expertise on selecting the right dog for the right person!

Celia Blair

Thank you for helping me to grow from a puppy into to a wonderful lovely dog!

Lots of love from


We hope you are both well and hope everything has settled following all the puppies leaving.

Mae is getting on very well. All was fine at the vets and she is growing at such a pace. She particularly enjoys the garden, removing the plant labels and running off with the pots which is very helpful! Some of her mannerisms remind us of Remi, she certainly enjoys all the affection that comes her way.
Mae has the sweetest face, has a lovely nature and is given lots of love.

We are determined to work hard with her training and are looking forward to seeing her potential realized.

Di, Ben & Ash

A very short but heartfelt thanks to you both, for including us in your family group and making us feel so welcome.  The three of us have had a really positive experience which started with yesterday’s training and was topped with a fab day today where we met some truly nice people and their dogs.

Gary, Lucy & Willow

“Holly has been such a lovely dog we couldn’t have had a better one – she has been so right for us. At her recent check up at the Vets he said he has younger Weimaraners who are not in such good shape as her -so that’s a testament to you as her breeding”.

Jenny & Chris

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