As recommended at the SRHP Club (provisional) Inaugural Meeting back in 2005 and as part of our commitment to this new breed and their small gene pool, Achouffe feature all their Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer puppies here from the litters which they have bred to date as a kind of pictorial pedigree enabling one to follow the progress, its development and growth from our Kennel here in the UK.

Top Breeder 2011 & 2015

Breeder of Top Puppy 2009, 2010 & 2015

Ansona Alara avec Achouffe ex Evar Kaicul at Stormdancer (IMP SVK) (Litter 1)
Achouffe Aslovak – Top Puppy 2009 & 2010
Achouffe Durbwee
Achouffe Armel
Achouffe Ardenne
Achouffe Ello Ello
Achouffe Amie at Ansona
Ir Sh Ch Achouffe Fantome UDEx CDEx WDEx Jun Ch Celtic Jnr Winner IRE & UK
Achouffe a la Roche

Ansona Alara avec Achouffe ex Evar Kaicul at Stormdancer (IMP SVK (Litter 2)
Achouffe Ida May
Achouffe Emmabales Sage
Achouffe Seda Tien
Achouffe Dama Fenevar
Achouffe Lukas
Achouffe Noel Quinster
Achouffe Sivabod

Achouffe Aslovak ex Beno Meskov Dvor at Stormdancer (IMP SVK) (Litter 1)
Achouffe Melory High Ash
Achouffe La Reine Charlotte
Achouffe Drummond Tully
Achouffe Cierne Korenie
Achouffe Lurline
Achouffe Aslimak
Achouffe Barvaux Femme

Achouffe Aslovak ex Beno Meskov Dvor at Stormdancer (IMP SVK) (Litter 2)
Achouffe Backtrack
Achouffe Huntsham Elby
Achouffe Berrimore – Top Puppy In Gundog Group (Rare & Import Breeds) 2015
Achouffe de Bonnechose

Achouffe Aslovak ex Cian Zo Zeul at Stormdancer (IMP NLD) (Litter 3)

Achouffe Provocateur
Achouffe Bonnie Belle
Achouffe Horsecroft
Achouffe Hawkshill
Achouffe Don Juan
Achouffe Rowlands Fable

2008 saw the breed standard becoming accepted by the Kennel Club enabling the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer to be shown in UK Import Register Classes, and from 2013 Import Classes have been offer to qualifiers placed at Championship Shows for Crufts; this is a real milestone for the breed. Unfortunately, due to UK legislation changes introduced in 2007 the Kennel Club ruling for entry of docked dogs at some Championship Shows including Crufts means (even though they are qualified like many others) Achouffe gundogs will be denied exhibition at this prestigious event because they are legally docked for their original intention of working purposes. They have however been proven to be ‘fit for function and fit for life’ which is what the Kennel Club campaigns for and therefore feel they are, in effect, ‘Docked and Denied’.

For more information visit Docked and Denied

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