Albeit small in comparison to some, we are a well respected established and experienced transparent in all we do kennel, most often enjoying all what an extensive and more commercial establishment does not.

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme has a code of conduct which all its members must adhere to and as participants we at Achouffe have an obligation to carefully consider all our actions responsibly.

Quite often Mark and I are usually far too busy having fun enjoying the time spent with our dogs by working and exhibiting them to breed. However you may be assured that when we do, our puppies are born out of a sheer love and respect of their individual breeds and needs, personally admiring the intelligence, elegance and working abilities of the hpr group of gundogs and the attitude, boldness and stamina of the Border Terrier.

We have a specific intention of producing dogs which are healthy, happy and motivated, who are capable of developing into what they were originally intended for and so occasionally do offer puppies for sale and strive to conduct ourselves in a manner which is acceptable to the letter.

When breeding it is paramount that we only use parent dogs who bear all the correct health screening certificates recommended by the Kennel Club, that each are compatible COI specimens, who have excellent temperaments believing it is just as important that they themselves have been raised in a much loved and motivated environment, possessing the skills and confidence required in order that this may be passed on to their progeny.

Done correctly breeding requires total devotion, soaks up an endless stream of time, patience and money together with as much knowledge and experience as possible stemming from the research of a suitable stud dog, the actual mating, the whelping of a bitch right through to the weaning and rearing of young puppies; although incredibly rewarding, for us this is just the beginning.

We understand the excitement and eagerness of a new arrival, encourage interaction and welcome any enthusiast together with prospective new parents to spend lots of time being around our dogs. Indeed we have forged many friendships, are often visited, do converse, exchange photos, cards and emails with many owners of our puppies.  There are even those occasions where we are invited to share owners special days such as weddings, christenings and multiple anniversaries.

First and foremost we endeavour to place all our puppies into a working environment believing every dog originally had a purpose-built specific job description and it is these homes which would most likely gain priority as we feel they would be most happy and best suited here. However in today’s society being fast paced, where human employment is pressurising together with families, schools and colleges which are equally as demanding we understand those whose only wish is to escape with man’s best friend and so this category is never overlooked.

Breeders seldom keep more than one puppy from a litter so it is important that the most suitable environment for any remaining puppies is sourced. To us our puppies are special, and placing them into forever loving homes where they can grow and mature into well balanced adults is a priority – we do not just say goodbye at eight weeks of age but make a promise to every Achouffe puppy born out here in the Fens by tendering support for the duration of that puppy’s lifetime; from puppyhood to adolescence, straight through into pensionable age providing help with training, offering basic advice or just allowing one to tap into our existing knowledge ad hoc.

Below is our Standard Statement which accompanies every puppy born at our Kennel followed by a proud array of our millennium puppies bred to date.

Achouffe Kennels and its breeding practices passed the Kennel Clubs’ Assured Breeder Schemes latest inspection with no recommendations required and are extensively covered by an approved Risk Assessment, Method Statement, COSHH, Fire Procedure and First Aid Certificates. All our puppies are born indoors and may be transferred to their heated Puppy room (Nursery) where they have a safe environment in which to play and listen to Classic fm once they are mobile.  They are covered (as are all our dogs) by Security CCTV with a two way intercom at all times. They will be ready to join your family from 8 weeks of age, arrive endorsed, vet checked, wormed and microchipped; will have received their first vaccination and in the case of a gundog will be legally docked with a DEFRA certificate included and dew claws removed.  They are fully insured and issued with the KC ABS official Puppy Pack and Contract of Sale which includes a money back guarantee.

… but perhaps, and most importantly of all, a comfort blanket which the litter brothers and sisters have slept on to help in the transition of separation.

b/w photos by Phil Watts

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