Following a mutual life long love affair with dogs, our history of just over a quarter of a century in respect of the hpr has brought us many experiences and achievements both as breeders, exhibitors, handlers and indeed judges of these working gundogs.  You will find below a tribute to the dogs who are no longer alive today which we have previously owned and bred, amongst whom there are Champions.

We feel extremely humbled, honoured and privileged to have shared the lives of these wonderful dogs, each having been so special and a complete pleasure to own.   These are the dogs who taught us everything and not the other way round.  Things which are important such as discipline, confidence, reassurance, patience and an understanding together with a true perception of humans, they have been our school masters, real ambassadors and an incredible testament to their breeds.

To us they enhanced our lives and shall remain in our grateful hearts forever.

… some photos by C Rayner, D Bull, J D Jackson, D Freeman, Lewis

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