Pronounced ‘a-shoof’ – is derived from the name of a delightful little village lying deep within the heart of the Ardennes in southern Belgium.  This village, as do many in this region boasts its very own Brewery, here they are brewers of the acclaimed la chouffe, mc chouffe and n’ice chouffe beers.  This establishment is also host to a wonderful Restaurant and Brassiere.  A mascot of a small bearded elf heads their business, which ironically reminds both Mark and I of the ‘Lincoln Pilgrim’.

Frequent trips to Marks parents living in a nearby village equals just as many visits to this wonderful piece of heaven with its tranquil breathtaking backdrop.  Plied with wonderful beers and exquisite food it seemed only fitting that we adopt this name of sheer indulgence surrounded by such beauty to head our Kennel of dogs who, to us, fit that very same criteria and description.

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