Well it’s true when they say, “you are what you eat”; and that goes for both human and animals too.

We were dissapointed with having to source our dog food from different manufacturers and locations due to only some branded feeds suiting certain breeds of dogs which we owned mainly resulting in inconsistent coats AND stools (and I mean cleaning up as much as we put in).  After months of researching the very constitution of dog food based on each ‘high end’ and ‘main stream’ feeds we stumbled upon this company based in Galloway, Scotland and its products formulated by one the country’s leading nutritionists together with David Lisett employed as a gundog trainer and guardian at the Buccleuch Kennels famous for the Buccleuch Spaniel lines and winner of the British and Irish Championships.

The most interesting, attractive and complimentary thing is that sheer results and ‘word of mouth’ has been the only requirement to promote and project this food as such a high standard and quality level product.  Not fazed by huge companies nor the need for large advertising campaigns, adverts, gimmicks or free gifts etc Chapel Farm Performance Dog Food is exactly what it says it is, 100% completely natural, wheat gluten free and totally balanced containing Scottish Salmon Oil, Sea Kelp, Glucosamine, Carnitine and Milk Thistle all for maximum nutrition; a Premium Dog Food which is sold at common sense, undressed reasonable prices.  This range of diets designed by old fashioned Working Dog people who know a thing or two about dogs and exactly what he needs to be happy and healthy and the working folk who insist on that energy level requirement is already being rapidly backed by breeders, workers on shoots, exhibitors of Field Trials and high performance Agility dogs, this dog food does exactly what it says it does on the bag.

Our own dogs vary in breed, size and age from youngsters to pensioners but mainly have an high energy work all day demand criteria particularly during the winter months, we now have no trouble keeping them all in the peak of condition no matter what their dietary age or breed requirements with clear eyes, healthy skin and coats giving us that great attentive, alert performance level which is required for working and not to mention those all important less frequent and perfect stools which is another added bonus, and because they now retain all the nutrients and goodness we have found the quantity given may be reduced without any weight loss, so its economical too – impressive!!

2016 saw the CFPDF launch of their new Puppy / Junior range of food being right where the journey starts, specifically developed to make sure mum and her puppies have all their nutritional requirements met at this extremely important time.

Achouffe Kennels are stockists and a ‘Pick Up Point’ for Chapel Farm Performance Dog Food carrying their full range of diets and although we highly recommend it don’t just take our word for it, try it and see the difference in your dogs for yourself.  For further information and price list just click on their logo above and visit their website or contact us direct.

n.b. please note that Achouffe and veterinarians do recommend any dietary change in dogs must be a gradual process over a 2 – 3 week period particularly if your dog has a sensitive stomach.


Just a few happy customers:

  • I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the food. Tallulah is so calm and more cooperative!!!! They are both enjoying it and their poos are very well formed!!! I will need to order some more.  It will save money, as half the price of their usual food, and that is breeder price. MT
  • Our boy was such a fussy eater and although we paid a lot of money for what we thought was the best high quality food, he certainly didn’t appreciate it. Then we discovered your Chapel Farm dog food and have not looked back since. He loves it and truly keeps in the greatest of condition. It also works well because we can now increase or decrease the amount of protein (depending on his need / the season / showing or whatever we are doing with him) without changing manufacturer. I would highly recommend this quality dog food to anyone as it is great value for money. MC
  • Just an update for you, I am delighted with the food, they both look really good. MT
  • As you know I have two Agility dogs, they have been on CFDF now for three months and what a difference! Their energy levels are so much higher, their coats look amazing and they sure perform better so much so that I have a job to keep up with them. JB

  • What a difference in coat and mental state of mind. BD
  • Such a huge improvement in coat, temperament and general well being, I’m actually enjoying owning my dog for a change; thank you Achouffe for introducing us to Chapel Farm. SE
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