Kennel – Achouffe
Breed – Border Terrier
Date of Birth – 20th February 2010

This is Angus,  Achouffe Thornbridge and is litter brother to AM/CAN Ch Achouffe Baycrofterslee CGN TT, owned loved and doted on by Irene and husband Duncan from Hertfordshire UK.

Here opposite Angus is pictured as a young puppy at just six months with his mum Bailey, Golden Slipper into Achouffe.

Following their early retirement this couple were looking for a companion to share their lives with and keep them young at heart whilst also providing lots of fun, first as an assistant to Duncan who is a keen gardener and also to accompany their many friends and the ‘ladies who do lunch’ with Irene.  Angus has not disappointed, soaking up and loving every minute..

At home Angus helps out with the many gardening and continuing projects which Duncan has on the go whether it be paving, cutting out new flower beds, planting seeds, moving shrubs and young trees, cleaning out the pond, growing vegetables and of course the odd game of football, he loves it all, but least and by far the best this pairs favourite place has to be is the huge train shed where he and Angus spend many happy ‘man’ hours together as Duncan is a great model gauge railway enthusiast.

All this obviously requires and involves plenty of R&R…

Irene on the other hand loves to shop, do the theatre, choirs and concerts, eating out and enjoys entertaining her many friends to which Angus also accompanies and who now has an extraordinary fan club base with many new aunties who simply cannot resist picking him up for a cuddle.  Angus sure is one smart little Terrier, he owns a superb temperament, is extremely handsome and just like Irene is regularly pampered, she at the Spar and Angus in the doggie salon where he frequents often in order to have his coat and nails done.

What a life …

Sire : Conundrum Malachite at Jaslou
Dam : Golden Slipper into Achouffe

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