Kennel – Achouffe
Breed – Weimaraner
Date of Birth – 14th July 2012

This is Dexter, a smart young man who is litter brother to our own Achouffe Aloof; living in Scotland with the Grant family, we recently caught up with them while travelling up into the Highlands.  See Dexi (in the group photos below with collar) at this get together with his owner Glen, Dexi’s mum Lexi, litter sister River and more Achouffe family below …

Glen says, “Dexter is the dog I’ve always wished for, he literally never leaves my side and is velcroed to me at all times as he thinks ‘I’ can’t cope without him! he loves nothing more than to oversee all my actions! he’s doing absolutely fine and we love him to bits, plus he’s keeping us all entertained with his many antics”.

Glen adds, “he is great with the kids, and although training has been challenging at times and his water work took some time to take off he’s turning into an absolutely cracking dog. He’s so loving and has such a wonderful temperament. In fact my brother who lives in Germany and an avid life long sceptic of Weimaraners completely fell in love with Dexter whilst on his annual visit to the UK; he was so impressed with Dexi’s working ability, his intelligence, his endearing character and experiencing first hand just how good he is as a family dog too that his perception of the breed has completely changed and is now currently looking forward to collecting his very own Weimaraner puppy! … wow! now hows that for a convert!

Whilst trying to summarise how life changing owning a Weimi is? .. the best I can come up with is that you’ll never sit on the toilet alone again .. plus if I try and lock the door Dexi just about knocks it down, “just to make sure I am OK!”

I can only say that Dexter is not my dog….. I am his human!”

Dexter thoroughly enjoyed his Christmas …..

Sire: Sh Ch Ansona Sugar Puff At Stormdancer
Dam: Wipfel Vernisse via Achouffe ShCM

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