Kennel – Achouffe
Breed – Border Terrier
Date of Birth – 20th February 2010

Achouffe excitedly introduces ‘Ashada’ aptly named following her trip en route to her new home via the troublesome Volcanic Ash cloud which grounded flights around the globe in 2010 to Canada (Ash-ada).

Ashada owned, loved and presented by Celia Blair (ON Canada) made her debut appearance at Long Sault, Ontario in August 2010.

Julie was privileged to fly out to Canada and handle her personally at this tender age of just 6 months and completed her two debut Championship Shows begining with 2 Reserve Winner’s Bitch.  Ashada claimed 4 of the 10 points required to complete a Canadian Championship at their final show before her departure back to the UK.

Ashada’s Journey
Following this puppy’s birth here in the UK, the several flights and visits from her new owner in ONTARIO, Canada and ultimately becoming the chosen one; to her delayed return flight back to her new home and family, throughout her all important puppyhood and on into the show ring (which this little dog just simply adores), Ashada is living her happy and wonderful life to the full – this my friends, is Ashada’s journey.

Although privileged at starting off her showing career Ashada was obviously destined for much bigger and better things   …

… by June 23rd 2011 at Hamiliton Kennel Club, superbly handled by Bob Robson Ashada went all the way to the TOP!! making her a Canadian Champion at just 16 months old.

In September 2011 Ashada passed her Canadian Good Neighbour (CGN) and her Temperament Test (TT) to add to her title which was an all important status for her owner.

.. then handled by Susan Carter-Nowicki (above) this little UK Border Terrier hit the U.S.A. playground.

March 31st 2013 and Ashada completed her American Championship in real style as Monica Park seen here above handles her to perfection to finish ..

In May, June & again in July 2013 Ashada was officially ranked as the #2 Border Terrier & #1 Female Border Terrier in Canada – Congratulations !! visit ONTARIO as your verification.

Celia Blairs Testimonial

To anyone who looks at this web page and wonders should I get a dog? Trust me; contact these folks for an honest recommendation on what their breeds can bring to your life!  Julie and Mark have vast knowledge and expertise in both gundogs and border terriers. You will be amazed at what you can learn and understand by meeting them and their brilliant doggie team! I am an ocean away and proudly own one of their superb border terriers; but I feel as close and supported by their expertise as if they were in my own backyard. They are bred for quality and integrity.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of their dogs will share an experience of their life! My border terrier from the “fens” is the best companion and genuine dog that I will ever have in my life.  It does not matter how many championships she has won – she is an example of great breeding and the Achouffe team’s expertise on selecting the right dog for the right person!

Ashada – Earth Dog

Ashada now begins her Earth Dog qualifications, proving that all Achouffe puppies are physically and mentally balanced, capable of being multi disciplined, talented, are definitely fit for function and ‘fit for life’;

.. here above Ashada completed her first EARTH DOG Test on 11th May 2013 following in her mothers’ footsteps having a keen nose for vermin and that strong natural working instinct, and pictured below right Celia is keen to prove that Borders love to work as well as play…Ashada has gone on to qualify at all her three I.Q. tests including at the Canadian Border Speciality 2013.

Just back from the States and I may have just won my Amercian Championship, but it was a long journey home and I’m one very tired little Border Terrier … where’s my bed!

Ashada Now A Mum

After undergoing and passing the AKC regime of health testing such as hip gradients and eye tests, here at just over two years old Ashada was introduced to her handsome partner in love, the gorgeous Grand Champion GCH Ch L’Dickens Bandersnatch Devilry CD, RE, ME, CA aka ‘Devlin’ owned, loved and campaigned by Amanda Pough from the Bandersnatch Kennels, USA

..… and now we see her, herself a mother together with her beautiful and stunning offspring’.

Crofterslee Kennel page coming soon ..

11th May 2014

Ashada. gained her Canadian Jnr Earthdog title under judge – Marg Pough (N.Y, U.S)

Sire : Conundrum Malachite at Jaslou
Dam : Golden Slipper into Achouffe

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