Kennel – Achouffe
Breed – Border Terrier
Date of birth – 22nd June 2014


This was Rush’s first litter giving birth to five beautiful bouncing babies who all arrived safely in the early hours of the morning without any hiccups and although Rush is normally the clown of the pack she has proven to be the most perfect of mums taking the job very seriously indeed.  Rush’s own mum Bailey oversaw all the proceedings and continued to lend a helping hand giving support whenever required including washing and rearranging the bedding for her grandchildren, see picture below.

We chose a very handsome young man ‘Rocco’ Balehaugh Boy as Rush’s husband who is a Ch Brumberhill Bestseller JW ShCM son and boy! what attributes this young man has.  His colouring, his coat, his movement and above all … his temperament!

This is Rocco below left and Rush on the right

Sire: Balehaugh Boy

Dam: Achouffe a la Border

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